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I haven't had a massage since you, and would probably be disappointed if I did. I have a benchmark to compare to, and you are the best in my 63 yrs. Hope to see you when I can get down to Oakland.

Steve W., Washington State


Erica is a truly gifted healer. I started seeing her about a year ago for general muscle tension and back pain. She was very thorough with intake and very thoughtful and generous in her approach. She really cares about patients and is invested in their healing. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and could no longer get deep tissue work, she treated me with Cranial Sacral massage at my home. It was wonderful to be able to continue massage therapy throughout my cancer treatment and I think it contributed immensely to my recovery. I am also a HUGE fan of her 100% organic aromatherapy essential oil blends. I have referred many friends and family members. She's so wonderful!

Angie W., Oakland


Absolutely wonderful experience!  To have a massage in my own home, not to lose the benefits fighting traffic getting home, is priceless.  Though prices are very reasonable. Erica has a calm, healing presence, and strong, warm and confident healing hands.  I got a customized blend of aromatherapy oils that I'm still using.  I got some [Arnica Angel] too which I use as needed and really works.  I've gotten many massages in my long life and this is one of the very best.

 Robin R., San Francisco


Erica came to BirthWays to give 10 minute chair massages at a small party we had. She was very timely, arriving before most of us who were setting up did so that she could set up and organize her chair without having people waiting. One after another, she gave the party goers the most amazing massages EVER. She was great about checking with pressure, being consistant, and not petering out toward the end, even after a few hours. After I got up from my massage, one of the other women in the room asked if I had just put make up on, or done something different because I suddenly looked so bright and glowing. It was the massage!! The weight of everything was lifted from me, I felt so good and relaxed, and was ready for anything. She even gave one of our 9 month pregnant women a fantastic prenatal massage, very safely.

Erica is amazing!! She makes house calls! Go to her. You will feel fabulous!

Tabitha A., El Sobrante, CA


I am the 9 months pregnant gal Tabitha referred to in her review. :) After receiving an amazing 10 minute chair prenatal massage with Erica at the BirthWays party, I went home and promptly made an appointment for one of her house call massages. What an amazing service! At 38 weeks pregnant, the last thing I wanted to do was drive to a get a massage and then after getting all blissed out to return to the car and have to focus on reality. Erica came to my place and set everything up, including her custom prenatal relaxation blend, and gave me an amazing massage. My lower back tension was gone and I felt overall wonderful and cared for. I highly recommend Erica!

Rebecca D., San Leandro


Erica is a wonder with her hands, and her focus on healing sets her apart from the rest. Communication is key. Her pain threshold meter allowed me to indicate what I needed throughout the massage and in different areas of the body, which lead to an overall phenomenal experience. Also, there was no discomfort in the days following my massage, due to Erica pain release aromatherapy massage oil. Now I always keep a a set of her oils on hand.

Marnika S., Oakland


Erica is A-mazing. I love the work she does, her hands really are healing. Every time I leave from her massage, I feel like a new person. I can't thank her enough for the work she does. And did I mention that her hands are warm and soft? She's wonderful and extremely professional.

 Pam Y, Oakland


I ran in to Erica in Whole Foods on 27th.  She had a booth and I had a gnarly trigger point. I usually say no chair massage but something drew me in.  15 mn later I had my new Massage therapist.  If a patient came into my office with the pain I was experiencing, I would have prescribed them a vicodin or percocet.  She did 90 min of work and I feel 100X better (not completely fixed yet but that is in time) and I don't take pills that make me loopy, constipate me, and have other side effects.  Thanks Erica!  You are a genius in your healing!

Gretchen S, MSN, FNP, RN-BC, Oakland

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