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(For COVID-19 Procedures, please refer to the red section at the bottom of this page.)


Please note that we ARE NOT traveling for events or chair massage. However, chair massage is available at our alternative location in our lovely outdoor space by special arrangement. Chair massage utilizes short, intense massage sessions and is clothed massages. Great for stress relief! Sessions will be available for 30 or 60 minutes. Please note that while many people assume that chair massage is only for the back and neck, in actuality I can give a full-body massage on a chair.


COVID-19 Procedures:

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms: The therapist will self-test for COVID-19 weekly with a home test. If they receive a positive result they will immediately notify all clients for the following week. All appointments will be canceled until the home test can be confirmed or negated by a laboratory test (as home tests can give false positives). If the laboratory test confirms COVID-19, all appointments will be canceled for a minimum of 2 weeks and until a negative laboratory COVID-19 test is achieved.  Should the therapist test positive for COVID-19, all clients seen since the last negative COVID-19 test will be notified.

The day of the appointment, the therapist will take their own temperature despite their weekly negative COVID test. The client’s temperature will be checked upon arrival and they will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms. If they have had any unexpected symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past two weeks they will be asked to leave. As they will be given this information with their appointment reminder, they will be asked to pay for the missed session.

Cleaning and sanitization: all surfaces which clients may touch at the site will be sanitized with an FDA-approved disinfectant before and after every client. Before and after use, face rest covers will be stored in individual sealed bags which will be disposed of when dirty face covers are washed. All cushions have been covered in sanitizable material and will be sanitized before and after use. Any trash produced during the session or cleaning will be disposed of in a foot-operated trash can. The trash will be emptied at the end of every client day. Touch-free, hand sanitizer and paper towel dispensers will be provided during the session. Hand sanitizer will be at least 70% alcohol. Disposable gloves will be worn if it is necessary for the therapist to touch the client’s face.

Hand sanitizing: therapist and client hands will be sanitized, with an at least 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, at the start of every session, any time the client or therapist touches their face, at the end of the appointment.

Face coverings: will be worn by both therapist and client at all times. When face down in the Shiatsu face rest, the custom-made enclosed face cradle cover will act as a face covering.

Client responsibilities: clients will bring linens as needed. They will sanitize their hands upon arrival after removing their shoes. They will notify the therapist should they test positive for COVID-19 or develop symptoms. They will bring their own water and be aware that bathroom facilities will not be available.

Ensuring airflow: curtains will only be drawn for a maximum of two sides of the gazebo to provide a degree of privacy while ensuring adequate airflow.

Additional precautions: The therapist will wear a NIOSH certified N95 mask at all times.

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