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Gender Re-affirming Surgery Support

We specialize in Gender RE-affirming Surgical Support.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage has been used  for years to assist the recovery and results of plastic surgery in the beauty industry. When utilized soon after surgery, it can speed up the reduction of swelling and pain.Specific techniques can also be used to address the scarring, pain, tightness and restriction that scar tissue can cause.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage (which is the first technique applied after surgery) is very light, slow and relaxing. Most clients are surprised to find that it's a very pleasant sensation, even for painful, post-surgical tissue. As scar tissue becomes more problematic in the healing process, techniques using both hands and cupping, along with a special scar recovery oil, can reduce the tightness and stiffness of scar tissue and remove any scar tissue that might appear outside of the surgical scars as the tissues heal. Scar treatment can be an uncomfortable process, which is why we always work very carefully within the pain tolerance of our clients.


Scar tissue is generally very susceptible to this process within the first year after surgery (although it's best dealt with in the first few months).


Patients can expect to need between 3 and 10 sessions, depending on how their body reacts to the surgery and how it heals.These techniques would be most applicable for the following confirming procedures:

  • Top Surgery
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Liposuction
  • Body Feminization Surgeries (such as fat transplants)
  • Other (non-genital) plastic surgery.
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