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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage works with the lymphatic system which lies right below the skin and is associated with removal of fluid and waste products from the body’s tissue and is a key component of the immune system. It is great for detoxification or reduction in swelling, such as pregnancy related swelling in the hands or feet, or swelling following injury or surgery. It is particularly useful in aiding recovery after liposuction.

Lymphatic drainage is a slow process that uses a light touch.  If you wish for full-body lymphatic drainage, we suggest 2 one-hour sessions.

Boosting the immune system will usually require 6 sessions over a 2-3 week period. The standard 5 season package can be extended to 6 seasons for this. 

One-hour appointments are generally suitable for post-liposuction clients,  unless the work had been extensive. After liposuction it is recommended that clients receive lymphatic drainage massage once or twice a week for for 10 session. Packages of 5 massage sessions are available for this service. Please note that lymphatic drainage is unlikely to hurt, even after liposuction. In fact, most of our clients tell us that it feels good.We are also able to break down scar tissue that appears during the healing process and can often remedy any lumpiness that occurs during this time. Once the swelling is down,  our clients often like to receive smoothing massages which are more akin to Swedish pe Deep Tissue massage.


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